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ALAMO PLAYSET #2 "Defense of the Palisade Wall"
Set Description - Playset #2

Alamo Playset 2 brings the battle for the low palisade wall between the Main Gate and
the Chapel to life.

Includes palisade walls complete with earthworks and ramps, well with arch, Conte
injection mold plastic figures, Marx Mexicans, plus exclusive "limited edition"
resin Alamo defenders, naval cannon, and accessories.
The focal point of this set is the part foam
Palisade Wall.  This is a beautifully sculpted piece.
This set features
the first
appearance of
new Conte
Alamo Defender
Also included are Marx Mexican Figures, a set of Marx Civil
War Accessories, as well as a sprue of Conte Accessories.
You also get this Texian cannon crew in resin.
This two piece, foam well is a great piece.
It all comes in a box with this great print on the cover.
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Last modified: August 2005