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ALAMO PLAYSET #3 "Never Surrender or Retreat"
The Main Gate, Lunette and Bowie's Last Stand
Set Description - Playset #3

Playset 3 allows you to re-create all the dramatic action that took place around the Front
Gate.  The center piece for this set is a beautiful, in scale, foam Gate building complete
with the  "Lunette"  fortifications built by the defenders as a first ring of defense.   As a
kid, playing with the Marx Alamo playset, I longed for a gate building to center my
play-dramas around.  As with so much of what Conte provides, this playset far exceeds
any fantasies you had as a child!

Includes Includes a huge 31" main gate building with arch way and interior rooms with
roofs. Set 3 also includes a defensive Earthworks crescent shaped stake wall, a "lunette"
and ditch vellum, Conte injection mold plastic figures, Marx figures, a Conte
accessory sprue featuring tan barrells and ammo boxes, plus exclusive "limited edition"
resin Colonel Bowie, and other Alamo defenders, and accessories!!!
Full frontal view of the Alamo 3 Playset
The foam main gate building centerpiece has been sculpted with incredible
attention to detail.  The gateway is flanked by two rooms, each with a removable
roof to allow you to position your troops for whichever part of the battle you want to
re-create. Check out more views of this wonderful piece below!!!
You also get groups of these new poses of injected molded plastic Conte Alamo figures.
Plug-in arms give you versions of this "surgeon" figure and versions of this standing at ready figure.
It all comes in a box with this great print on the cover.
This beautifully sculpted figure of Jim Bowie making his last stand is made of resin
as are the figures and accessories pictured below.  Click for larger images.
A group of approximately Marx Mexican figures, a Marx musket tripod, and a grouping of Conte
accessories round out the contents.  (Note:  No horses are included. You'll have to add your own as I did for
the action photos.
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Last modified: August 2005