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ALAMO PLAYSET #4 "We Will Rather Die in These Ditches"
Set Description - Playset #4

Alamo Playset #4 continues our  "labor of love"  playset recreation of the heroic battle
for Texas liberty at the famous San Antonio Mission where in 1836 (ah heck, you all
know the story!!)....If anything, the fury and action started with our Sets 1, 2 & 3
becomes even more intense this time around......

Includes long straight wall sections
(Note that these are designed in such a way as to allow you
to place the straight sections "end to end" or to otherwise place one at each end of the corner
emplacement---depending upon how much space you have and how large you want your Alamo to be)
corner gun emplacement with dirt ramp, Conte injection mold Alamo Defenders,
Marx Mexicans, a hand painted pewter cannon, various Conte resin figures and resin

These figures comprise a "vignette" of a stalwart Texian defender clubbing a brave
Mexican soldier off of a scaling ladder as he attempts to reach the top of the Alamo
walls.  These figures have been made at extra expense in solid pewter and painted a
single color which matches the colors of our injection molded plastic figures. The "action"
of the swinging frontiersman just as he's "connected' with the attacker was so great that
we were not willing to compromise the excitement of these poses. (We hope to be
mailing these bonus figures by the end of July).  I personally think the Texian is one of
the best sculpts we have ever done.....
Check out the hand
painted pewter cannon
included in this set!

Special edition Conte resin
figures are also included!!
Alamo Playset #4 include brand new injection molded Alamo defenders in brand new  poses plus 1 modified
pose.    The new
poses include a capless frontiersman firing 2 pistols, a Texian clubbing , a Tennessean with long "squaw" coat firing
a rifle,  a Texian firing a "scattergun" (I intend to use him for Bowie), 2 dead Texians,  a New Orleans Gray kneeling
firing, and a New Orleans Gray - with alternate arms - who is either firing a pistol or "touching off" a cannon with a
"linstock". The 9th figure is a "redone" Corporal Schiess from our Zulu range who has had a new arm molded which
has him now firing a flintlock pistol instead of a Martini Henry!!!! (Note: his arm is attached to the sprue containing
the standing firing Tennessean with the squaw coat and feathers on his

There are also new “resin” figures which basically comprise our second "gun crew". These include a gun
crew commander (who I envision as one of the Alamo leaders; perhaps John J. Baugh, Travis' "Adjutant" who
strangely has been excised from most books and films about the siege.....reportedly, in addition to be Travis'
"second", Baugh is also the fella who legend tells us awakened Travis on the morning of March 6, 1836 with the
warning cry "The Mexicans Are Coming!"...).  The other figures in the gun crew are a mixture of Texians &
Tennesseans with an extremely interesting variety of costuming...we intended them all to look as they were
prepared to work the guns in earnest …to the last.

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Last modified: August 2005