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ALAMO PLAYSET #6 "The West Wall"
Set 6 depicts the "West Wall" while set 7 recreates the "Convent Wall & HQ" or southern
end of the "long barracks" and connects to the Chapel front... ( the area which set 7
portrays is widely viewed by most Alamo buffs as being the Headquarters since this is
how several of the movies have shown it....in actual history it was possibly used as the
hospital during the siege and was NOT Travis' HQ).
Perhaps most importantly to some of you, the Conte Mexicans have finally arrived and you can now do away with
all Mexican troops by other manufacturers.....possibly relegating them to 'supporting roles' or otherwise using them
as first wave 'cannon fodder'!!!

By my count there are new sculpts.   some are injection molded plastic whilst the others are 'single color'
fine pewter.  The injection molded poses are the most highly animated & detailed plastic figures which we have
ever produced. The engineering & design on these took 'a while' and a lot of cash but was well worth it as you are
going to see we were able to maximize 'undercuts' unlike anything you have ever seen on plastic figures before.  
Also, the horrible 'block-out" which is normally present on all plastic figures has been virtually eliminated.... simply
put, the molding & production of the Mexican Army has set a new standard for us and the industry. this ability to
avoid blockout just revolutionized 'thangs' for all of we plastic lovers!!) (I can't wait to see our NEW plastic GIs,
Romans, Spartans, Rev War, Rangers/Indians done in this fashion!! Coming in 06!!! if all goes well and cash flow


--West Wall section with rooms and 2 removable roofs (Approx. 18" x 10.5" x 5.5")
--West Wall section with room, gun ramp and removable roof (Approx. 18" x 12" x 5.5")
--"Lunette"(moon shaped defensive embrasure which goes on outside of fort) (Approx. 16 x 9x 3)
Pewter Figures (Limited Production) in single colors (Mexicans light blue, Texians chestnut)

--ALA230-SC (3 figures in hand to hand combat plus terrain base) (interlocks with ALA231-SC (in set #7) &
ALA232-SC (available as 'bonus' below).
--ALA225-SC Colonel Travis Drawing the Line-one of my favorites!!
Injection Molded Plastic Figures: (ALL 'Conte' figures; (not cheap "reissues")

- Texians (Set #1 in a light brown)**
- Texians (Set#2 in a light brown)**
-- new Conte Mexicans
---"Marx" Accessories