Bloody Omaha Beach Playsets
The first two shipments of the Bloody Omaha Beach Playsets have sold and shipped at a rapid pace! We
can hardly believe the response these playsets received!

These playsets --from the box (full 6 sided artwork* including some unforgettable Joe Baker diorama
masterpieces and figures from Sets 1/2 & 3)  to the over 30 new U.S. Army and Navy poses (27 of which
are injection molded wonders) to the incredible landing craft (both an LCVP and and LCM3 with working
'drawbridge' or gate) to the full scale beach obstacles (not wimpy looking things like some manufacturers
have tried to pass off as "authentic") to our most excellent Germans--to the beautiful action 'posters' --are a
"labor of love' on our part. I think many will deem these our best playsets to date in terms of sculpting,
accessories & playability. I know I do.

With regard to the exquisite color box art I should say that this is another area where delays occurred but
the end product improved by quantum leaps..... Early on, I had planned to utilize a 'collage' of  b/w  photos  
from the actual Omaha landings. When I realized, however, the full extent of how beautiful all of the
sculpting was,  I turned to Joe Baker hoping that he might be able to recreate--with the toys--some images
which looked real & immediate...and as though you were there watching the LCVP's & LCM3's crashing
through the surf and up onto the sand, and our boys charging out into the maelstrom of death which
awaited them
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On to the set contents....
Bloody Omaha Beach Playset #1
"March Into Hell" Contents List
(click green text for images):

  • (1) LCVP Landing Craft and 3
    man pewter crew
  • 100 injection molded GI's in
    special edition "wave one" poses
  • 40 injection molded German
    plastic figures
  • (1) Beach Obstacle Set One
  • (2) Beach Obstacle Set Two
  • (1) Damaged Dragon's Tooth
  • (1) World War II Accessory
    Sprue including Rommel's asparagus,
    fuel barrels and such
  • (1) Full color artwork playset
    box featuring photography by
    Joe Baker
  • (1) Limited edition signed &
    numbered certificate signed by
  • (1) Limited edition Joe Baker
  • (1) Omaha Beach Landing Map*
  • (1) Copy of Ike's Great Crusade
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Total price (including shipping) is $327.80
Bloody Omaha Beach Playset #2
"Heavenly Cause" Contents List
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*To be shipped separately at no charge

Conte Collectibles reserves the right to
alter/modify playset contents, without prior notice,
as inventory requires.
Retail Price:
Total price (including shipping) is $327.80