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American Civil War Playset #2 "1864"
$279.99 Shipping and Handling fees will apply               
Contact us for availability
"1864"  Playset 2
"1864" Playset Two includes 88 Conte
injection molded plastic Confederates...56 in gray
and 32 in blue.
Playset Two includes this dynamic, solid pewter vignette of a Rebel artillery crew taking a
direct hit from enemy cannon fire.
These 8 "Alamo" figures make good rebs.
These metal officers are present to lead their troops
Set Two features the other end of the "1864" Siegeworks.  This piece is 28 inches
wide by 17 inches deep.
You also get all this Marx stuff to "decorate" your battlefield with.
How much?   $279.00 plus oversize shipping.
And if you buy both "1864" Playsets, you get these incredible bonus figures!
This Confederate Artillery Crew is made of resin. The Union casualties shown below are solid pewter, painted blue.