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American Civil War Playset #3 "1864"
$299.00 Shipping and Handling fees will apply               
Contact us for availability
This is the Civil War Playset Collectors have been dreaming about!*
This Playset brings everything together in one Blockbuster Set.
You get 192 incredible Conte injection molded plastic Civil War figures in 32 different poses...16
poses of which make their playset debut with this set!
You get 14 single color pewter figures depicting the pain and the passion of battle in a way never
before captured in miniature figures.
*  (That's 46 total Conte poses!)
You get the awesome "Crater" terrain piece as a three dimensional setting for your battle.
Ken Osen did a terrific job sculpting this terrain centerpiece.  It is loosely based on the crater at
Petersburg, but it will  work well with any breached wall scenario.
Front View
Back View
Check out the detail of the debris sculpted into this piece!
You also get an assortment of Marx Civil War figures and accessories to fill out your battlefield. While this
set occupies the center position of the vast "1864" scenario begun with Civil War Playsets 1 and 2,  it is
also meant to stand up proudly on it's own for those who don't have space for the epic dimensions of the
three combined sets.
Here's the breakdown....
The Confederate Army: 96 figures

----48 (6 blister cards) Series 2 Confederates in gray plastic
----16 (2 blister cards) Series 1 Union in gray plastic ( to be used as Confederates)
----16 (2 blister cards) Series 1 Confederates in gray plastic
----16(2 blister cards) Series 2 Union in gray plastic (to be used as Confederates)
---- Marx reissues (approximately 25 figures)
The Union Army: 96 figures

----48 (6 blister cards) Series 2 Union (Iron Brigade) in blue plastic
----16 (2 blistercards)Series 1 Confederates in blue plastic (to be used as Union)
---- 32 (4 blistercards) Series 1 Union in blue plastic
(That's 24 blistercards...retail at $12.00 a piece...that's $288.00 plus the Marx figures and accessories...retails around $50.00...that's
$338.00 so far.  Lets keep going.)

---ACW57173 SC "The Crater" Hand to Hand set -4 figures  including one embedded in the
terrain base.

---ACW57170SC Union dead---5  figures

---ACW57172SC "Come & Take It"  Wounded yet defiant Confederate flagbearer

---ACW57174SC Hand To Hand vignette of Union Officer attacking Confederate (2 figures
and terrain base)

---ACW57175SC Hand To Hand Vignette of Reb bayoneting Yank (2 figures)
(So how do you value these guys...Pewter figures are five times as good as Resin figures (no bubbling, no breakage, the ability to do full
bodied sculpts) and cost five times as much to make...Other companies charge 12 to 15 bucks a piece for white metal kits (not pewter)
...so 14 times 13 = $182.00 in comparative retail value, bringing the total to $520.00...Lets keep going.)
The Crater Terrain Piece
This huge foam terrain piece measures 29 inches by 17 inches.  How much?  Easily $75.00.  
That brings the total so far to $595.00
So what is the Official price? How much is it actually going to cost you?
$299.00 Shipping and Handling fees will apply               
Contact us for availability
And as a bonus for buying early...you'll get four extra blister cards of figures...a
$48.00 value.
Call 1-(702) 233-8201 to order
This is a Limited Edition Playset...No more than 1000 will be made.*
The first 60 sets should be ready to go out the week of September 7th.  Once those are gone, they'll go out as the Terrain pieces come
in from the factory. (They should be coming in fairly regularly).