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There Was A Time Veiled In Mist & Legend.........

When All Of The Best Shopping Was Done At The Point Of A Berserker's Sword Or With The Swing Of The
Northmen's Axe...............

We are proud to unveil the first of several Viking playsets. This is a massive new range recreating what has
been referred to as "A Wolf Age.... A Sword Age..." when Vikings, Saxons & Normans all collided in the battle for
control of the British Isles, France and the North Sea.

During the 8th to 11th centuries, often referred to by historians as "The Viking Era", these Northmen or
Norsemen or Normands, from roughly the equivalent of present day Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland,
swept across the seas of Europe raiding, conquering, exploring and settling.  While Europe was their
battleground and 'shopping superstore', the distant islands of the North Atlantic and even America became their
colonies. Farmers, fishermen, traders and 'sailors', they are ultimately best remembered silently appearing
through the mist in their "Dragon Ships" as "Raiders From The Sea"

As many collectors know, Vikings & Normans* have always been near & dear to my toy soldier heart. This range
is our attempt at recreating these turbulent times whilst also telling many a personal tale in the process.   While
many endlessly repeat the mantras about Britain being an "Anglo-Saxon" nation and culture, we happen to
fondly think of it as a Roman-Normanic culture as well due to the tremendous impact made by the Roman
occupation as well as the Norman Conquest. After all, the Angles &  Saxons controlled the 'sceptered isle" in
what was known as the Dark Ages.............when the Normans and Vikings arrived, the dark age got brighter
and Britain became a true nation!

We also think that the Vikings provided the 'spark' for this entire amazing period of myth & history in addition to
being the forefathers of the Normans (NorthMen). Without these warriors of Thor & Odin, the destinies of
France, Britain and the New World would have been vastly different.

The best part is that YOU can shop & pillage along with the Vikings armed only with your charge card or check
book......we've made your Medieval shopping simple...whether you be looking for ale, farm animals, women,
captives, a sea cruise or a little pyrotechnics display, they are all here ..........

Playset 1 has the most essential of Viking accessories:  the Dragon Ship. This beauty is the same ship which we
sell to fine pewter collectors for $399.00 with a painted resin crew.  The playset crew is unpainted tan resin and
includes 28 rowers plus helmsman. (Directional finding 'lodestone' not included).  While 28 rowers are included,
there is only room for 26 to man the oars at any one time.

The set also includes eleven exclusive polyurethane figures in full round animation similar to that found on our
fine pewter Viking product in a variety of exciting poses. Most are in 'vignettes' where 2 figures are interacting
on a 'terrain base' and tell a story.  You will also see that a couple of intricate Celtic Crosses and a Saxon
tombstone have made it into the set.  The monks are much needed reinforcements for my Marx "Friar Tuck" who
has withstood my raids for over 40 years all alone and the Saxon Women-Folk go to show what selective
shoppers the Norsemen were. The guy with the chest under one arm, sheep under the other I refer to as the
'shopping Viking' as he's clearly more interested in provisions than in fighting & burning.

You'll notice that many of the figures have been assembled from a couple of separately molded pieces; we did
this so the plastic collector could get the same detail and avoidance of ugly 'blockout' so common to most plastic
figures. Should any parts become dislodged during one of your raids you can use Crazy Glue to re-attach. Also,
the very tiny 'cords' on one of the monks belts are an extra which we are experimenting with…seeing how far
we can take this material with molding...these are not guaranteed to be there as they are so small as to be a
breakage risk but the factory/I  wanted to try them anyhow.  (Only a few of the early sets will have these.)

Rounding things out are approximately 30 injection molded Vikings & Saxons in a variety of poses.

These are my people and I am proud to at last be 'doing' this era to the fullest. I hope that you will enjoy.  In
the near future we will have a large fortified Saxon Church,  a Medieval Cog (medieval ship for the Vikings to
attack),  the beginnings of our 'castle system', siege tower, battering ram, catapult, ballista, wagons, dunking
well, scaling ladders plus all sorts of Vikings, Saxons, Monks & farm animals..  These sets are designed to go
well with our past Warlord Tower and Village playsets and our Stamford Bridge Playset.....all combining together
to create a true miniature 'Medieval World"

By Thor's Hammer I Know You Will Want To Join Us....
Hail Ragnar and Einar,

*Some might not know that "Normandy" in France received it's name from the French  Normandie (referring to
the land of the Northmen) -- in the early 900's the French 'gave' this territory to the Vikings under "Rollo" or
"Rolfe" in exchange for  the Vikings assuming vassalage to the French monarchy...... and for their promising to
leave the rest of France alone!!! Effectively creating a “buffer state” and stopping Viking raids on Paris! Our
Viking sets will include siege equipment so that complete Viking sieges can be recreated by those so inclined......
I know I plan to besiege Paris.....
Viking Raid Playset #1 "A Hot Time In the Old Village Tonight"
Sale Price:
EINAR002 Viking Raid Playset #2 "Wall of the Valkyries"
EINAR003 Viking Raid Playset #3 "Thor's Hammer"