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Valhalla Awaits - The Battle of Stamford Bridge
$259.99 Shipping and Handling fees will apply               
Contact us for availability
A limited quantity of the "Stamford Bridge" Playset has arrived
in the warehouse and is expected to sell out fast.  The price of
this dynamic playset is $259.95 plus shipping.
At the center of the historic battle between the Vikings and the Saxons from the year 1066 are the
two leaders, Harold Godwinson of the Saxons and Harald Hardrada of the Vikings.  These two
"giants" of history are at the center of the Stamford Bridge Playset as well.  Molded in monocrome
painted pewter, these two figures dominate the battlefield.
The Stamford Bridge Playset also features several other pewter figures, including the above two figure
vignette from which the set gets it's official name..."Valhalla Awaits!" (Click the image for more views.)  
Below are two more pewter Viking figures that are included in the set.
The injection molded plastic figures contained in "Valhalla Awaits" are vibrant and exciting in their own
right.  Check out the Saxon Shield Wall made possible by plug-in arms.
You get all these Viking poses...3 of some, 4 of others and 6 of the kneeling archer.
This beautifully sculpted and painted bridge terrain piece is breathtaking.  It works great with
many other time periods, too!
$259.99 Shipping and Handling fees will apply               
Contact us for availability
These fantastic Saxon poses make their plastic debut in this set.  You get six sets of these
figures.  (Don't forget you also get 6 of each of the two shield wall figures also.)  Altogether,
the set has over a hundred plastic figures!